Please feel free to contact me regarding anything, be it to request for info, provide info/help, suggestions and comments regarding this site or anything else!


Initially I strived to respond to all mail within a day or two. However, my life, schedule and time has changed drastically from the time I created this site. I am much busier with work and personal matters, and often travelling between Hong Kong and Singapore. Thus I might not reply immediately. I appreciate your understanding and forgiveness regarding this.

Also, I have been having problems with my original email account attached to this website. Thus, if you tried to email me any time in the last few years, your email might not have gone through or I might not have been able to access it or reply to you. I have changed the email address in the link above to one I can access regularly, so it should work now. Also, please note that after sending me an email, you may need to add my address to your contact list, or my reply may go unnoticed into your bulk/spam folder if you have such settings. If you don't get a response within a few days, please try sending another email.