It is hard to find websites or written material on wasps and bees; this seems to be a topic that not many people take interest in. Although much of my info was gathered from my own observations, the websites below have helped me a lot, especially with info on Hymenopteran insects from elsewhere. There are actually many other websites on wasps and bees, but I have not listed them all as they mostly contain the same info. I consider the ones listed below to be some of the best on the web. Also, they provide links to many other websites.

General information on bees, wasps and hornets

Hornets - Gentle Giants: Based in Germany, this is one of the best sites for info on hornets and other social wasps

Hornetboy's Homepage - Another great website with in-depth info on social wasps

Andy's guide to the wasps of Southern Wisconsin - Well-written info on wasps of the said region

Yahoo! Groups:Vespids-Online discussion group on wasps

Solitary bees and things - a great source of info on various solitary bees

Very good general entomology site by Jean-Luc Renneson, on social wasps and other insects. (In French)

Many nice photos of different bees and wasps found in Taiwan (in Chinese)

Wasp gallery by Sean O'Donnell PhD (University of Washington). Great info on the fascinating Neotropical wasps

Very informative and educational site on hornets in Taiwan (in Chinese)

Links to more specialized information

Resources for the public - The Social Hymenoptera (Insecta) of Lakekamu

Natural History Laboratory of Ibaraki University, Japan

BEEHOO: World Beekeeping Directory

Comprehensive information on Vespa velutina in France (In French)

Links to general insect/entomology sites

Bugs for the amateur - by Christophe Barthelemy. A nice site providing info on many types of insects in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Insect Net - A forum for insect lovers in Hong Kong (much of the content in Chinese)

Links to other sites on nature in general Info on nature trails and nature in Singapore and nearby regions, including photo galleries and a discussion forum

Talfryn: A great site promoting nature tours and photography in Singapore

The Annotated Budak: Interesting and well-written journal on all aspects of the nature and wildlife scene in Singapore

Last updated: 16/2/2006

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