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In this section, you can view the various video clips of bees and wasps I have taken during my time outdoors or working with these wonderful insects. Simply click on the links to see each clip; you can use the "back" link on the respective video pages at any time to return here.

Please note: Windows Media Player is required to view the clips, which are in .wmv format.

Most of the videos taken between 2005 and 2006 were taken with my old Canon Powershot A300, a 3.2 Megapixel digital point-and-shoot camera which also has video function. Although this camera is not up to my requirement for getting proper photos of wasps, it has served me very well in terms of video clips. Unfortunately this camera was spoilt in late 2006. During this period I occasionally borrowed various digital cameras from friends, and when I did so I took the chance to take videos of bees and wasps I encountered. In August 2008 I obtained a second-hand, but very useful, Canon Ixus 60, and all videos taken from this time on are taken with this camera unless otherwise stated.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to use any of these for any purposes.


A nest of Vespa bicolor built in a tree stump located within a high-end residential estate


Vespa affinis killing a dragonfly

Another clip of Vespa affinis killing a dragonfly, using her sting repeatedly in the process

A worker of Vespa affinis killing a large grasshopper, taking a hard kick in the process

Workers of Parapolybia varia and Polistes olivaceus collecting meat from a large dead caterpillar

Vespa soror killing a large butterfly!

Vespa ducalis and Polistes gigas feeding on Sapodilla fruit

Vespa soror killing grasshopper

My pet, a worker of Vespa soror! Eating honey from my hand

Workers of Vespa soror and Vespa ducalis feeding on Sapodilla fruit

Polistes gigas eating from rotting banana in the wild

Parapolybia indica and Parapolybia nodosa collecting meat from caterpillars

A worker of Parapolybia nodosa hatching from the cell!

A worker of Polistes olivaceus landing on a cardboard tube outside my window to collect nest-building material

Vespa tropica worker eating fallen Sapodilla fruit

A worker of Vespa tropica on my hand

Vespa velutina feeding from flowers of banana tree


Presenting flies to workers of Vespa bicolor - by hand!


A colony of Vespa bicolor located within a tree hollow

A subterranean (underground) nest of Vespa bicolor

A nest of Vespa bicolor built inside the hollow space of a large Chinese banyan tree.

A nest of Vespa ducalis built deep within a thicket of ferns

An exceptionally large nest of Vespa bicolor built within some shrubs, just behind a bus stop within a busy residential estate!

Workers of Vespa velutina hovering outside a wild Asian honeybee (Apis cerana) nest, attempting to catch bees returning to or leaving the nest


A nest of Vespa bicolor, kept free-ranging in my apartment!

My free-ranging nest of Vespa bicolor, the night before the most severe typhoon to affect Hong Kong in five years, and the day the typhoon hit Hong Kong!

A nest of Vespa bicolor built in an unusual location - an abandoned oil drum!

The defensive response of Vespa bicolor put to the test - a nest built inside an abandoned farmhouse provoked and the resulting response filmed

A nest of Polistes gigas built inside an abandoned chicken coop

Workers from a very large underground colony of Vespa tropica excavating soil to enlarge the nest cavity

A large individual of Vespa tropica foraging in a storage shed in Pulau Ubin, Singapore.

An exceptionally large nest of Vespa bicolor built inside a styrofoam box in an abandoned fish farm compound!

A small nest of Vespa velutina built on an overhead bridge, possibly after the original nest was destroyed.

An exceptionally large nest of Polistes olivaceus

Last updated: 2/2/2010

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