The information provided on this website is purely for reference. It is not meant to be a substitute for professional advice, such as that of pest-control officials, doctors or entomologists. When in doubt please seek professional advice. Neither the author nor this website shall be liable for any legal responsibility for any incident, damage or loss arising from the use of the information on this site.

Many of the photos on this site show wasps and bees being handled or hand-fed. Please note that nothing cruel, such as chilling or anaesthising (as some people assumed) was done to these insects; my handling of them is done based on my years of practical experience and knowing their behaviour inside out. Note that I do not consider bees and wasps dangerous creatures on their own; they are only dangerous if their nests are disturbed or if you are allergic. I have indeed been stung quite on numerous occasions in the course of my work. All these incidents were in fact completely preventable and happened only out of complacency on my part (often because I took the risk of not using my protective gear, which can be extremely uncomfortable to wear). Please note that if you decide to handle bees and wasps, as I describe on some of the pages, you take full responsibility for your safety. DO NOT attempt to handle bees or wasps if you are not certain that you aren't allergic to insect stings.

I always advise people to think twice before having a nest destroyed, and that is only if the nest is a serious threat. But the final decision lies with you, and you alone have to determine if the nest is a threat and whether to destroy the nest.

I have, or may soon write, a couple of pages regarding catching and preserving specimens. I am also an avid collector and I do catch specimens locally as part of my research (with valid permits for protected areas). I also collect representatives of each group from all over the world through trades with other scientists and collectors. I must mention here that if you intend to catch and collect specimens, you are responsible for your own safety, and you are advised to heed all laws regarding collection of wildlife in your area.

Having said all this, I cannot take responsibility for any stings, injuries or worse that one may receive after following the advice given.

Finally, the info on this site is constantly changing without prior notice; this is due to the fact that I constantly make new observations or discoveries. I always try to update as soon as possible; therefore, consider all information to be my most recent. Sometimes info on different sections may differ or conflict; it is simply because I did not have the time to update the respective sections or that I have simply overlooked it. If in doubt, feel free to contact me.

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