On 22 August 2008, Typhoon Nuri made a rare direct hit to Hong Kong (typhoons in the region are common, but fortunately direct hits are rare) and was apparently the most severe typhoon to affect Hong Kong in five years, resulting in the issue of the rare tropical cyclone warning signal no. 9. Fortunately the area I live in is more or less protected against the destructive force of typhoons; my apartment is on the first floor, shielded by rows of trees and built within what is considered a typhoon shelter for boats at the harbour nearby. This is a good thing, as although it is dangerous to leave windows open during a typhoon, there is no way I can close the windows in one particular room. A Vespa bicolor nest I relocated to my apartment early in the season now lives there, and if I were to close the window, I have no doubt the whole apartment will be filled with confused wasps. The night before, there were lots of wasps on the envelope at night, and they appeared unusually restless, as can be seen from the video.

This video was taken some time after the warning signal was issued, but this wasn't the most severe part of the storm! The wasps still went about their usual work, flying in and out, although some were blown away by the winds and by the end of the day the colony population had drastically decreased. However it should not affect the colony as a whole, since there are still so many workers inside and more will certainly be hatching soon.

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